Cut the cord. Keep the look.

Thumper allows you to cut the cord without the pain of getting rid of what you're used to.


Access From Anywhere

Don't worry about lugging your media box around with you. Log in to the site from any device for access.

Hardware Independent

Thumper has no specific hardware requirements. All thats needed is a modern web browser.

Easy Setup

No more installing operating systems or configuring confusing apps. Simply input your provider credentials and whala!

Thumper is a browser-based IPTV player with a fully integrated EPG that mimics the look and feel of a traditional cable box.

All that's needed to use Thumper is a link to a hosted M3U8 playlist and a XMLTV formatted EPG file.

Thumper supports both HLS and MPEG-TS streams as long as they're in a valid playlist.

User input is what will steer this player's future so let us know what you think in our subreddit at reddit.com/r/thumpertv.

Updates are frequently released which include both feature requests and bug fixes generated from your input.